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LEGACLICK is a solution dedicated to law firms administrative and accounting management. It includes a mobile application to manage folders and tasks at any time. The software integrates full enterprise accounting features: with LEGACLICK you manage all the IT needs of your law firm.

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XPRTIZ is a management solution dedicated to expert offices. This solution is very similar to LEGACLICK but it includes a specific management of the files to best answer the profession of expert. With XPERTA you can also manage all your IT needs with a single software from anywhere on earth.

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Cenotia - Digital Strategy Enablers
Who is Cenotia ?

A quick overview

Cenotia is a group of passionate specialists who joined together to bring their expertise to small & medium companies dealing with the Digital roller coaster.

The principle is simple. To make the right choice companies have to have a vision of the whole and of the future. Cenotia is helping in making that vision clear.

In the other hand, Cenotia believes in the control of the digital strategy by using tools that adapt to the business and not the other way round.

Close to our clients, we have developed solutions that improves every single aspect of their business, with full control of the tool, with total flexibility, easy to customize and ready to evolve with the company and the people.

  • Business Analysis & modeling
  • Change Management
  • Application engineering

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